About Us

Bryan Belair, a knowledgeable creator and entrepreneur, has dedicated his career to manufacturing playgrounds for over four decades. Under the brands BRP and Play KSL, he has provided children with safe and enjoyable places to play and exercise.


Through his career, Bryan has shown a deep commitment to creating inclusive play spaces that cater to the needs of all children. His passion for making a positive difference in people’s lives has driven him to focus his efforts solely on the Freedom Glider, a revolutionary piece of equipment designed to provide an exhilarating experience for people confined to a wheelchair.

Bryan recognized the need for a more inclusive playground experience, one that could bring joy and freedom to individuals with disabilities.  The Freedom Glider, a unique and innovative piece of equipment, is design to enable wheelchair users to experience the sensation of flight on a swing-like apparatus.  This unique equipment has transformed the lives of countless individuals, providing them with the freedom to explore and engage in outdoor activities.

Bryan’s commitment to creating a more positive experience for people with disabilities has not gone unnoticed.  His innovative work has garnered widespread recognition and numerous accolades, including the prestigious International Design Excellence Award for Accessibility.  Through his unwavering dedication, Bryan has set a new standard for inclusive play spaces and brought happiness and freedom to an underserved group.


Anthony Frisina

"The wheelchair-accessible swing at Gage Park has been a game-changer. It sets the precedence for the future of greater access to play for persons who use wheelchairs in the City of Hamilton. I am grateful for this initiative and a future of active and inclusive play for everyone."

Springdale Public Schools, Springdale Arkansas Teacher

"When a student in a wheelchair is upset, it is difficult to rock them or sooth them. Having access to the Freedom Glider has enabled the school staff to comfort students who are in a wheelchair and not able to easily be lifted out of the wheelchair. We have seen students go from crying and upset with increased tone to calm, smiling and relaxed."

Springdale Public Schools, Springdale Arkansas Teacher

"When recess is mentioned, my student immediately starts to propel herself toward the playground and "her" swing. She is motivated to get to the playground so she can swing as long as possible. Having the Freedom Glider has not only given her something to do at recess that all of the other students enjoy, it has motivated her to become more proficient in independent wheelchair propulsion!"

Springdale Public Schools, Springdale Arkansas Teacher

"The Freedom Gliders have enabled all of our students to fully participate in recess! A game changer for our students who use a wheelchair for their mobility!"

Dan Maggiacomo

"The Glider has meant that all of our students who are blind, partially-sighted, or are Deafblind are able to access our playground in a meaningful way. The students with mobility-challenges love it, the staff are always getting students on the swing. It’s so easy to access that it encourages constant use, ALL of our students now benefit from our playground!"